Educaching® Teacher's Manual Digital Version including GPS CLUB

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Educaching® is the ideal resource for teachers that want to create a learning environment in the outdoors. The STEM lesson plans are everything a teacher needs to engage students and differentiate instruction for all learners with hands-on activities utilizing GPS technology.

The Educaching manual provides easy-to-follow instructions along with innovative science, math & PE lessons that align with the national teaching standards. Problem solving is at the root of all Educaching lessons and many Common Core Math standards are met for grades 4 – 8.

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This comprehensive curriculum includes sections on:

- Professional development that explores every aspect of how to set up geocaching in education at your school
- 20 cross-curricular STEM lessons that vary in degree of difficulty from Beginner to Advanced
- Customizable Formative Assessment Sheets coinciding with each lesson
- Ideas on how to acquire GPS equipment for your class or school, including grant writing tips
- Additional Fun ideas for after school clubs or youth camps extending the use of mobile technology beyond class tim


GPS Club is the perfect companion to the Educaching teacher’s manual. GPS Club was developed with the learner in mind. It provides students with fun instruction on how to use GPS units and create geocaching activities. It is ideal for after-school clubs, scouting, youth groups, summer camps, and other recreational learning type group activities. The leader instructions and game lessons are designed to convert novice GPS users into experts.

GPS CLUB Includes:
- Student skill development with GPS technology
- Three hands-on activity based lessons
- Learning Targets and Pre and Post Assessment Guidelines
- Reproducible Student Assessment Sheets

Educaching is Learning Magazine's Teachers'
Choice Award for the Classroom
2013 Recipient.