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Educaching Kit

The SchoolHouse Kit is equipped to service one entire school building. The material content in this kit provides sufficient resources for lesson planning at all grade levels, and for multiple user activities with the GPS equipment at one time. The SchoolHouse Kit comes complete with six (6) copies of the award winning Educaching® Curriculum manual, two (2) copies of GPS CLUB in CD format, six (6) Educaching trackable geocoins, and eighteen (18) Garmin eTrex 10 OR Garmin eTrex 20 GPS Hand Receivers. Select your GPS model choice at checkout. This kit provides the ideal amount of resources for multiple teachers across many grade levels.

Educaching Cover

The Educaching® GPS STEM Curriculum for Teachers manual provides comprehensive teacher training and innovative lessons that vary in degree of difficulty. Educaching is a tool that integrates all curriculum areas so that no subject is taught in isolation, and is a plan that satisfies all curricular objectives while actively involving the student in learning. The manual provides easy-to-follow instructions along with lessons that align with the national teaching standards. The award winning curriculum is delivered on CD in PDF format for kits that includes customizable student assessment sheets in .doc format and printable PDFs. Read more…..

GPS Club

GPS Club was developed with the learner in mind and is the ideal companion to the Educaching Curriculum. GPS Club dives deeper into the mastery of using a GPS receiver and will help learner participants have fun while becoming skillful users. Delivered on CD in PDF format. Read more….

Educaching Geocoin

This customized trackable Geocoin comes with its own unique tracking code. You decide where you would like the coin to go and then your students can send it out and track its journey around the nation or the world online! Read more….

Educaching GPS Units

You have your choice of the Garmin eTrex 10 receiver(yellow and black) or the Garmin eTrex 20 receiver (orange and black) GPS Receiver. Click on the receiver name to view more information about each unit.