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My classes are having an incredible time learning about and using the GPS units. We have been going over navigational theory…and tomorrow we head outside for a primer on using the device around school grounds. Later this week we will do a scavenger hunt on weather and climate, and then use them on the kayak trip (history of Florida).
It’s such an awesome concept. I have learned so much!
Laurie F
Middle School Science Education

-Conni N. - Discovery Educator Network Workshop Facilitator

"When I asked them to rank Educaching on a scale from 1-10, with 1 being "no fun at all and I did not learn anything" and 10 being "best lesson ever- I had so much fun and learned a lot", Wilbur gave Educaching a perfect 10. Orville insisted that he be allowed to give it an 11."
-Homeschool Dawn - This Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew (click to read whole review)

"I really like the way that this curriculum is organized. It is user friendly and for teachers just getting into the geospatial technology field, it's a good starting point. I am anxious to use it with youth in the variety of programs I do in the schools, after-school programs and clubs."
-Catherine from North Platte, Nebraska

"I received the Educaching Curriculum on Friday and had a chance to look over it all. I am VERY impressed. It is an excellent resource with great ideas. Thanks so much!"
-Wanda from Illinois

"Can't wait to get started using these ideas! Fantastic product and service. Thank you!"
-Kara from Chillicothe, Ohio

"A great book about lesson plans and geocaching"
-Bridget from the Discovery Educator Network

"Great Product!"
-Stacey from Houston, Texas

"When I was in school, all I could ever think of was "recess, recess, recess!" Now, with the help of hand held GPS units, kids can learn and have recess...
If you are a teacher or know a teacher, direct them to this site. If you are homeschooler, check it out! This is a great idea and is something I want people to know about. If you have never geocached before - looked into it! It's so much fun! I am so excited that someone is bringing this into the classroom! "
- Annie G

"Everything went smoothly the curriculum manual arrived today and I am looking forward to using in my classroom."
-David from Indianapolis, Indiana

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