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To Compete in the 21st Century, students need to have access to technology and experiences that will be enriching and will help them become great problem solvers. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) are stepping stones to build our next generation of leaders. To create this foundation, educators must seek practices that provide these opportunities to students. Educaching is an exciting way to lay the groundwork for success. here are some ways the Educaching curriculum delivers support:

-Increases students' early exposure to real-world mathematics and geospatial science.
-Provides a comprehensive, easy-to-use STEM resource to instructors with professional development built-in.
-Helps transform the traditional classroom into an inquiry-based, exploratory learning environment that is student-centered, teacher-facilitated.
-Allows for discovery of content and an engagement with problem solving, applying critical thinking skills.
-Provides for critical thinking in a time-sensitive framework, preparing students for STEM career opportunities.
-Offers STEM learning opportunities beyond the school day when used as afterschool or summer program.

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