Top 10 Ways to Launch into Educaching this school year...

10. Visit the Educacher blog for discussions and ideas.
9. Check out this Discovery Education webinar to learn more about geocaching in education.
8. Do some research! Click here for a listing of informative websites and journal articles that will help you learn more about caching!
7. Take your students on a CSI adventure! Click here to download the free lesson from the great folks at
6. Check out these 2 slideshows: Digital Pirates and Integrating GPS Technology Into the Classroom.
5. Use these free instructional sheets to teach your students how to use your class's GPS receivers before you begin
Educaching: Geomate.jr sheet, Garmin GPS60 sheet, or create your own!
4. Purchase a trackable like a travel bug from the Groundspeak shop for a reasonable price, then use this free classroom activity to
have your students create a mission before sending it out into the world and tracking its whereabouts for the rest of the school year! Cool!
3. Teaching fractions? Try this free lesson to get them outdoors! Fraction Mania (Equivalent Fractions)
2. Teaching Earth Science? Check out this free 90-page educator's guide from Earthcaching.
1. Buy the award-winning Educaching curriculum or an Educaching kit and start your classroom's adventure today!