Educaching with Middle School Students


Are you and your students exhausted from testing? Has the fun and enjoyment been squeezed out of learning? You can bring it back with our easy to implement Educaching GPS/STEM Based Curriculum.
The cross curricular, problem based learning method engages students through hands on science and math activities that are fun, challenging and educational. Aligning with the National Teaching Standards, the Educaching lessons provide a creative approach to teaching science and math through real world problems that require critical thinking skills.
Authored by a STEM instructor, the science and math lessons incorporate teamwork, exploration, discovery, observation, and creativity in the activities. The design of the award winning curriculum contains lessons with varying degrees of difficulty from Beginner, to Intermediate, and finally Advanced.
Equipped with GPS Hand Receiver technology, students become energized in their hunt for learning. Educaching brings back the fun and enjoyment in both teaching and learning. Creativity, Innovation, Excitement, and Real-World Application ...they can still take place in the Classroom while meeting state standards!

Read moreā€¦ is an excerpt taken from a STEM article published in Southeast Educator Network magazine April 2015 issue.

LESSON SAMPLES Order Now Rain Birds Lesson
Sweet Symbiosis Lesson
Discovering the Ancient Pyramids Lesson